We Are Plaware


With “We Are Plaware” we want to create a community of people who are conscious in their use of plastic, especially disposable plastic.

Together we protect our earth, no matter where in the world. In doing so we follow our 4Rs principle with the following activities:

  • To prevent plastic from polluting the environment, the principles Reduce (R1), Reuse (R2), Recycle (R3) are promoted in order.
  • Where plastics already pollute green areas and water bodies, we are striving to change behavior and clean up these environmental areas with our Community Programme and then Regenerate (R4) the collected plastic, i.e. turn it back into oil.

Our strategy is based on the recommendations of the Boston Consulting Group. According to the principles circular economy, R1-R3 are preferable, whereby R4 is regarded as a temporary immediate solution to prevent plastic from either being incinerated or being leaked into the environment.

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