We Are Plaware


We are Plaware.

“We are Plaware” is a network of people who are committed to a conscious use of plastic, especially disposable plastic.

In accordance with the concept of circular economy, R1-R3 are actively promoted. R4 is our temporary solution in the area of waste management, which is intended to prevent plastic from either being incinerated or from being released into the environment in an uncontrolled manner. The strategy of “We are Plaware” is based on the recommendations of the Boston Consulting Group

Our concept of "4R"

R1: Reduce

Reducing of single-use and unnecessary use of plastics and packaging.

R2: Reuse

Design and promotion of plastics with long life and increased utilization.

R3: Recycle

Recycling of high-value materials e.g. PET and Polypropylene (PP).

R4: Regenerate

Plastic regeneration (i.e. turning plastic into oil) as a decentralized waste management approach.