Our Community Programme

With our community program, we want to reduce the daily plastic waste as well as avoid uncontrolled release of plastics into the environment or incineration.

“A Khmer Waste Story”

The PLAWARE pilot project for rural regions with lower income levels and lack of waste management will start in 2021 in the rural Siem Reap area of Siem Reap. The region was chosen as the location for the pilot project for a reason. This is the center of the Khmer Empire, where the Angkor kings successfully defended the empire against external enemies for centuries.
Following in the footsteps of this glorious epoch in Cambodia, we also want to develop our own strategy against plastic pollution. Preparation and planning work will begin in the third quarter of 2020.

The Community

A community is a local unit of about 100 to 200 people. At an information event in four selected communities in the province of Siem Reap, we want to make the people living there sensitive to the plastics problem and encourage them to actively participate in the program. With our program, we want to collect a daily amount of plastic waste, as well as be able to process the waste and plastic that is already lying around.
For the latter, "Clean Up Days" are planned, where the waste is collected and prepared for further processing. This campaign is planned for the first quarter of 2021 and and will be repeated twice a month for the duration of the Community Programme. At the same time, the first separation systems for public collection points will be provided, where the plastic can be collected and prepared for further processing (sorting, cleaning, drying).
Single primitive wooden house in the tropical rural country in the southern part of Cambodia

Support and Documentation

Source: Fauna in Focus (click image to visit the homepage)

The condition after the Clean Up Days should be maintained with the presence of separation containers. This requires active and regular information distribution, which will be organized by Fauna in Focus, our local partner.
By the mid 2021 at the latest, the plastic processing plants should be installed in the corresponding pilot communities so that the plastic can be further processed into oil (see next page). The communities are to be regularly visited, supported and their progress documented. A final report with the experience so far is to be drawn up by beginning of 2022. The production of a documentary film "A Khmer Waste Story" is also part of the pilot project.

The Goal

The aim is for the program to be continued independently by the communities even after the pilot project has been completed. Ideally, this program will grow continuously and organically, based on the four pilot communities.
This success depends primarily on how the communities can participate in this program and motivate others, as well as whether and how the recovered oil can be integrated into the local market in order to finance the program on a self-sustaining basis.